Gas Cutting Torches/Gas Cutters

Model No : Model No: NSS-WEA-1617

Model No: NSS-WEA-1617

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Product Category

Welding Equipments & Accessories

Product Description

1. It is designed to cut mild steel upto 300mm thickness and can be used with any type of fuel gas.
2. The body, nozzle heads & middle body are forged brass jet.
3. This ensures leak proof equipment, which is free from blow holes or any casting porosity thus assuring total safety and gas economy.
4. The standard model is 450mm in length with (90°) right-angled head.
5. Models with different lengths and head angles (180°) can be made available under specific order.
6. These cutters can be used with acetylene / LPG by using suitable nozzles.