Fire Entry Suit

Model No : Model No: NSS-BP-811

Model No: NSS-BP-811

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Product Category

Body Protection

Product Description

1. Outer layer for 2000 Series constructed from ZetexPlus to support direct contact with extreme temperatures
2. Seven additional insulation layers provide maximum protection from heat and fire
3. Highly insulated boot sole provides protection from hot floor
4. Complete set includes Hood, Coat, Pants, Boots, Mitts, and  Foot Locker Box or Duffle Bag for storage
5. Short duration ambient heat of 1500°F (815°C)
6. Total flame of 2000°F (1093°C)
7. Radiant heat to 3000°F (1650°C) for 3000 Series
8. Made from inorganic Zetex and ZetexPlus materials, which  meet UL 214/NFPA 701, MIL-C-20079, MIL-I-24244, NRC 1.36, and European BS EN407